Lutong - the Tibetan pearl from heaven

The lutong , also known as "pearl from heaven", is usually made from natural gemstones, especially jade.

Lutong has been used as a feng shui item since long time ago. From beginning, it was used as a tool to beautify for the people in royal, aristocratic and upper classes, as it can improve skin rejuvenation, blood circulation, blood pressure, and balance natural energy.

Lu thống – thiên châu đa năng Tạng truyền

What is lutong?

The story of lutong come from the curse of Indian soldiers to rebel Tibetan people in 2000 BC. When knowing this story, a Tibetan Buddhist monk presented a small cylindrical object with a hole in the middle, which could be worn around the neck of Tibetan people to banish the curse. Not only used to protect the body, that magical object could also be used when people was injured or sick. In that case, they used a knife and crushed some powder from lutong to drink, so their body will be healthy, the strength will be restored. Since then, the Buddhists always wear this jewelry to protect themselves.

The lutong, also known as"pearl from heaven", is usually made from natural gemstones, especially jade. Until now, lutong is still used regularly by women because it can help circulate blood vessels, thereby helping to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin. Lutong can be made of different types of stones, depending on the effect that each individual desires, but jade is always considered the first choice. It is said that the first female Emperor in Chinese history – Wu


Lu thống – thiên châu đa năng Tạng truyền

When touching human body, lutong will release good energy. Lately, lutong is used a jewelry and it is widely adored by many people because of its convenience and high aesthetics. 

Meaning and usage of lutong

Lu thống – thiên châu đa năng Tạng truyền

Lutong is a cylinder items which has two sides smaller than its body. As it is hollow, it has meaning as everything will be rinse through successfully, without interruption.The main use of lutong is to change the flow of luck and increase success at work and life in general. Since long time ago, people have believed that when you have a good starting, your mind and emotions will be positive, which will have good effects to quality of your works. Besides that, the form of lutong looks like a small jar which means full of wealthy and prevents unexpected financial loss. 

Lutong also has some positive effects to health such as balancing emotions, energy, improving blood circulation.

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