Lapis Lazuli or Lapis has various colours from blue to purple, but the dark blue colour get the highest evaluation on their beauty and value.

1.    Origin

Lapis Lazuli is a kind of natural stone which name is derived from Latin (Lapis means stone) and Persian language (Lazaward was the place they were mined), it was very popular in ancient times. Archaeologists found them in the treasures or thousands years old tombs in Mesopotamia, Greece, China or Egypt.  

From the early years of the 7th millennium BC, Lapis Lazuli was highly appreciated and very popularized by the Indus River Valley Civilization.

The composition of Lapis Lazuli is mainly from 3 types of minerals: lazurite, pyrite and calcite and some other small impurities such as diopside, feldspar, mica and amphibole.

Lapis Lazuli has blue or purple colour but the dark blue colour (royal blue) is considered to have the highest value and also one of the most important blue stones in jewelry making industry 

2. Meaning

In Buddhist culture, Buddha has mentioned Lapis Lazuli as one of the most seven pure, peaceful, immaculate treasures in the world.

In Ancient Egypt culture, Lapis Lazuli was often placed in temples, shrines to express the respect to the gods because they believed that this stone come from heaven (Its unique blue colour is like the sky blue colour). With abundant energy inside, Lapis Lazuli help owners dispel the weakness, add more strength, eliminate body and soul impurities in order to make them awake, strong, confident, agile, and more autonomous than ever.

In addition, some people believe that this blue gem also be a symbol of loyalty in love

3. Usage

Lapis Lazuli is not only sought for its beautiful colour and its meaning but also for its abilities to heal diseases effectively proving by researchers:

    Support to cure throat, thymus, neck, ear related illness; can also heal chest related disease if wearing Lapis Lazuli necklace and it contacts permanently with the skin of the chest.

    Strengthen the immune system, reduce swelling, heal the wounds, help to push recovery process to patients.

    By wearing such a long time, it will help the owner easily fall asleep, minimize symptoms of dizziness

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